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our core values

Our core values

Positioned for Growth

In our core businesses – security systems, we utilize our market leadership positions to accelerate new growth opportunities. As the industry matures, we pair new technologies with our core solutions to deliver integrated solutions that address evolving customer needs.

As the threat landscape evolves and customers shift to adapt to new technologies and technology consumption, we are investing in future growth areas to reduce cost and complexity for our customers. Symantec leverages internal R&D, acquisitions and partnerships to accelerate our long-term strategy.

Project Execution Areas Access Control

Controlling movement through doors, turnstiles and gates, is basic to managing a secure business in today's environment. This is achieved using keypads, magnetic stripe readers, proximity readers and biometric devices.

With the cost of proximity and smart cards coming down, the magnetic swipe card is not seen nearly as often as it used to be. Proximity cards, which only need to pass close to the reader, have far less wear than swipe cards.

There are also various time and attendance packages that interface with these systems. The consolidation of multiple security credentials into a single secure smart card with a choice of authentication procedures is now possible.

Our systems can control almost any type of access control equipment used to restrict people or vehicles.

  • Electronic Locks
  • Road Blockers
  • Turnstiles
  • Traffic barriers
  • Finger Readers
  • Smart readers

CCTV Systems for any Environment

CCTV systems use a combination of cameras and recorders that monitor given areas and record to hard disk, some of which are accessible via internet and more recently via your Smart Phone. The recordings can be used for observation, security, prevention of litigation and conflict resolution. A variety of cameras are available including PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom), fixed, zoom and night vision in both Analog and IP formats.